Browder Youth Awards

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I had the joy of attending the Brower Youth Awards for environmental (and social) activism in San Francisco recently with my daughter,  the teacher that leads my daughter’s school’s Green Club and some of her classmates. From school butterfly gardens to saving 1/2 of the world’s salmon that is caught for consumption and the connected […]

Connect Inspire Engage

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Are you inspiring engagement? I’ve been meeting with many organizations  that are doing amazing work but lack the Brand Strategy to guide how they communicate the value of their work  in a compelling and differentiating way. Many default to reciting their mission statement, “Our mission is to . . . and we do this by […]

2013 Goldman Environmental Awards: Framing the Story

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I had the amazing opportunity to once again attend the Goldman Environmental Awards this week, honoring everyday people who have achieved stunning positive environmental successes.  Once of the unifying attributes of all six individuals is the personal connection they felt to their cause, the subsequent motivation to act and then the way in which they […]

Brand Strategy

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A brand strategy informs how you communicate your brand. My process for brand strategy development develops stakeholder support along the way using a variety of approaches including workshops, surveys, and conversations. The brand strategy  includes organizational beliefs and philosophy and a psychographic description of your target audience,. It includes descriptors for the brand’s personality and […]