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Are you inspiring engagement?

I’ve been meeting with many organizations  that are doing amazing work but lack the Brand Strategy to guide how they communicate the value of their work  in a compelling and differentiating way. Many default to reciting their mission statement, “Our mission is to . . . and we do this by . . . .” And when it comes to the look and feel of the organization’s communications, the lack of a clear personality and consistent tone, leaves a less than lasting impression. If this sounds familiar then read on.

Where does your Mission Statement fit in?
I’m often asked this question. Mission language is for internal use and maybe for that grant application . . . though I happen to know a powerful and engaging brand story is loved and responded to by the grant reviewer who has to read  a million of those applications. Think about your favorite clothing brand. Imagine if she says to you, “Our mission is to cloth you from head to toe and we do this by offering pants, shirts and shoes.” How many other brands could say the exact same thing (so its not differentiating)? And does this make you want to jump up and spend your money on that brand (does it inspire and engage)? If your brand story falls into this category, you need a Brand Strategy.

What is a Brand Strategy?
Do you have strategies for your organizational development, your program development, and and your fundraising efforts? How about a strategy for your brand? In order to Connect-Inspire-Engage, your Brand Strategy takes into consideration your strategic plan, your organizational values and carefully obtained input from your donors, your members, your volunteers, your staff and your Board.  Your Brand Strategy connects your brand with all of the people that you want to inspire and engage in order enlist them to help you advance your mission. It informs how you talk about your organization-the story, the personality, the tone. And it is used to develop the look and feel of the brand. The end result is a powerful impression that gets people smiling and nodding and donating and supporting. PS-a powerful Brand Strategy can also help you with your strategic planning process. Once you have expressed “who” your brand is and to what end it does its work, its so much easier to start thinking expansively on how to deliver creative and effective programming.

If you’ve found yourself smiling and nodding while reading this email, get in touch with me to chat about your brand and how I can get you from where your brand is at today to “tell me more!”