Brand Strategy

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A brand strategy informs how you communicate your brand. My process for brand strategy development develops stakeholder support along the way using a variety of approaches including workshops, surveys, and conversations. The brand strategy  includes organizational beliefs and philosophy and a psychographic description of your target audience,. It includes descriptors for the brand’s personality and the brand’s look and feel. It establishes your frame of reference and differentiates you from the pack, bringing clarity and definition to your brand.  These elements come together to inform your brand story, your logo, website, and other marketing tool development.  The brand strategy is used by designers and writers who, when they get to work, know what they should be expressing.  The end result is a powerful expression of the value of your work that connects with, inspires and engages your stakeholders, current and prospective. And when its done right, you will have that big moment of “that’s it-that’s who we are.”